Fisher & Paykel - CPAP Machine - ICON™+ Auto

Fisher & Paykel

  • $499.00

Combining all of the leading healthcare clinical technologies, Fisher & Paykel has introduced The F&P ICON™ Auto.  The Icon is a fully featured Auto CPAP including advanced auto-adjusting algorithm and SensAwake™ Technology.  The Icon’s flow-based auto-adjusting algorithm provides pressure when it is needed most while SensAwake™ provides a prompt reduction in pressure while the user is awake which aims to improve comfort and facilitate the return to sleep.

ICON™+ Auto

  • ThermoSmart™ Technology for more humidity and comfort
  • SensAwake™ responsive pressure relief to provide better overall sleep
  • Auto-adjusting pressure for personalized treatment during sleep
  • Info Technologies for flexible data communication options

ICON™+ Auto features

  • Contemporary and stylish design for bedroom appeal
  • Forward-facing display with intuitive menu system
  • Compact footprint including humidifier and power supply
  • Combined smart technologies

Auto-adjusting Pressure

The versatile Auto CPAP device can be used as a titration and long-term solution for your patients. The flow-based auto-adjusting algorithm detects and effectively responds to flow limitation, hypopnea and apnea.

The Auto can be used to assist patients experiencing the following:

  • Pressure intolerance
  • Pressure requirements greater than 10cmH2O
  • REM or positional OSA
  • Incomplete laboratory titration
  • Planned weight changes (e.g. future bariatric surgery)
  • Returning symptoms after long-term CPAP use.

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