Insurance Codes

What are the insurance codes I need to submit for my CPAP equipment?
We do not deal directly with insurance companies. This allows us to provide cost effective solutions for your CPAP needs.

Most private insurance companies will reimburse for durable medical equipment at some level. Please check with your insurance company to determine that level.

We will provide you with a detailed purchase order which can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. We are an out of network provider with many plans including Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Please check with your insurance company to determine reimbursement rates.

Below are the codes used for submission on insurance claim forms.

  • E0601 RR-CPAP Device Rental
  • E0601 NU-CPAP Device Purchase
  • E0470 NU-BiPAP Without back-up rate feature
  • E0471 NU-BiPAP WITH back-up rate feature
  • A7030 — Full Face Mask
  • A7031 — Full Face Mask Cushion
  • A7034 — Nasal Mask(mask or cannula type) used with CPAP device with or without head strap
  • A7033 — Nasal pillows/seals, replacement parts for nasal interface, pair
  • A7035 — Headgear used with CPAP device
  • A7036 — Chin strap used with CPAP device
  • A7037 — Tubing used with CPAP device
  • A7038 — Disposable filter used with CPAP device(Ultra Fine)
  • A7039 — Non—disposable filter used with CPAP device(Foam)
  • A7044 — Oral interface used with CPAP device
  • E0561 — Passover Humidifier
  • E0562 — Heated humidifier
  • E7046 — Heated Humidification Chamber
  • E1399 — Miscellaneous durable medical equipment items
  • A9900 — Miscellaneous components of accessory items