How to Find Your Best CPAP Nasal Mask

Finding the best nasal CPAP Mask for you is more of an art than a science, because a comfortable mask for one person is intolerable to another. Our goal in creating this fun infographic is to get you a few steps closer to finding the best nasal CPAP mask so that you can successfully treat your sleep apnea and get a consistently deep and restful night’s sleep. This nasal CPAP mask infographic should help you navigate through some of the most frequently asked questions so that you can narrow down your search from the wide variety of nasal CPAP mask choices on the market today.

Remember that this infographic is meant only as a guide. We understand that not all CPAP masks perform the same for everyone, despite the manufacturer’s suggestions. So whether you are new to CPAP therapy and just trying to find a mask that is right for you, or if you are uncomfortable with your current nasal CPAP mask and want to explore other options, this infographic is designed to give a humorous roadmap to your ultimate goal of a good night’s sleep.